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Our software has been written and designed exclusively for club membership management. Over the past 35 years, we’ve worked with thousands of clubs and have developed two core products to make your life easier:

Our software has made club membership management easy, intuitive and cost-effective for thousands of clubs, memberships and groups. Unlike other software systems on the market, Our Club Membership Software was written especially for member only clubs, helping club officials to reduce their admin and paperwork time and focus on increasing the membership and income. We’ve spoken to countless organisations over the years and know that the vast majority of clubs are run by a handful of dedicated, part-time staff or volunteers — we designed our club management software to be an in inexpensive way to automate the administrative work so these people can get back to what’s important: enjoying their club’s activities, and creating value for their members. The best thing about our club management software – Club Master & Club Attend – is that it doesn’t matter what type of club you are —  sports, hobby, social, or any other type of club — it can be tailored to help you grow your membership and revenue, and free up your time from endless paperwork and form-filling.  Want to know more? Check out our product pages or drop us a message:


Our Club Software Solutions

Simple to start and intuitive to use – we have two key product options for your club or organisation

“We would not hesitate to recommend Club Master to any club or organisation that requires a cost-effective solution to membership management.”

– Vice Chairman, Village Club, West London

Club Software Specialists for over 35 years

What’s in a name? For many years, we’ve felt that our long established software company – previously Art Software Ltd – needed a name which more accurately reflected what we do. Since 1985, we have made software exclusively for clubs … so we wanted a name to reflect this specialism. And in 2020, we took the plunge and were delighted to rebrand as the perfectly titled, Software For Clubs!